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The “Ventoux Cyclists Welcome" services

Outstanding surroundings

Mont Ventoux is a vast, distinct area which stretches from the Luberon hills to the Provencal Drome, some fifty kilometres north of Avignon. Our cycling circuits beckon you to come close to the Giant of Provence and to explore the authentic lifestyle here. These “Cycling Trips around Mont Ventoux” will take you from the Comtat Venaissin to the Sault valley, with itineraries along the Albion highlands, through the Dentelles de Montmirail, the Toulourenc river valley and the foothills of the Monts de Vaucluse.

A mythical stage on the Tour de France, the actual cycling climb of Mont Ventoux has contributed to making this area a historical destination for cyclists from throughout Europe and around the world. Today, cycling in the area around Mont Ventoux is accessible to one and all. These “Cycling Trips around Mont Ventoux” can be enjoyed as a day-trip or a series of itineraries. These roads offer wonderful opportunities for family stays or groups of friends on peaceful country roads through valleys, orchards and woods.

Mont Ventoux, classified as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is home to a rich diversity of life and landscapes. Long-standing agricultural and historical heritage have forged an area of strong character. Throughout all four seasons, local crafts, farming activity and the Provencal markets fill the village squares, restaurants and sidewalk cafés with memorable fragrances and flavours.

Mont Ventoux has long been a sought-after destination for discerning visitors looking for authentic experiences far from the madding crowds. Today, infrastructures have continued to develop, and Mont Ventoux continues to share an outstanding quality environment and a forward-looking lifestyle comfortable with its past.

The professionals working with the Ventoux Cyclists Welcome network provide cycling-related services in relation with the 13 circuits. The services include taxis, bicycle rental, guides, accommodations, restaurants, wine cellars and craftsmen. More than fifty professionals apply the “Cyclist Welcome Quality Charter” that is part of the Vaucluse county “Provence Cycling” approach.

The local development group “Syndicat Mixte d'Aménagement et d'Equipement du Mont Ventoux (SMAEMV)" and the "Ventoux-Comtat Venaissin area (CoVe)" are happy to meet press professionals interested in this cycling discovery approach to our area.

The combination of an entire network of secured cycling circuits and the network of the “Cyclists Welcome” professionals makes Mont Ventoux a top quality bicycle touring destination. The itineraries described herein cover the entire area, enabling highly diverse visits of this vast space. Thanks to the “Ventoux Cyclists Welcome” cyclists benefit from excellent contacts, information and services in the area.

13 marked cycling itineraries to discover the Mont Ventoux area, accessible to all ages and levels

The Mont Ventoux - Comtat Venaissin – Sault area is studded with biking circuits for every kind of bicycle activity. The circuits take you along country roads and trails through breathtaking countryside. Highlands, lavender fields, vine-planted hills, fields of spelt, hamlets, estates and homes, medieval villages, orchards and vegetable crops … the "Cycling Trips around Mont Ventoux” take you into the heart of Provence and show you countless facets of the Provencal lifestyle.

Our 13 circuits deliberately take the small roads, and safely mark the paths everyone can follow on their own.

There are “Family”, “Discovery” and “Athletic” discovery itineraries you can choose from to build your own stay based on your other interests. Use our web sites, such as "La Provence à Vélo" (www.laprovence-a-velo.com) and “Destination Ventoux” (www.destination-ventoux.com – on line in the first quarter of 2012) to decide upon the circuits you want to cycle. The providers who are part of the “Ventoux Cyclists Welcome" network enhance the itineraries with vineyard walks, house tours and local crafts.

The Cyclists Welcome Professional Network

The approximately eighty professionals around Mont Ventoux who have signed the Cyclist Welcome Quality Charter extend a special welcome to cyclists. Their logistics and other services simplify cycling stays and enable all ages and levels to participate.

Rental, transportation of people and equipment, deliveries along the circuit, maintenance, secured parking, service hours and adapted menus … are all part of the services offered.

“Ventoux Cyclists Welcome" means the right information and services at the right time, making cycling Mont Ventoux a pure pleasure.

“In joining “Ventoux Cyclists Welcome”, I know I am part of a partners’ network that has committed to providing quality services, each in their own field. This means accommodations, restaurants, taxis, places to visit, wine cellars, and artisans. Together, we can provide everything visitors need. We have come together to offer a “special cycling” offer which ensures our visitors that they can find everything they need to organize their cycling stays around Mont Ventoux.”

Hubert Fléchais, bicycle renter and guide, member of the Ventoux Cyclists Welcome partnership, Luberon Biking firm.