Among Chapels and Orchards

This itinerary is suitable for everybody and great for families. It gives you the opportunity to wend your way among vineyards, cherry orchards and olive groves, skirting the foothills of the Giant of Provence. Take time to look at the small, medieval or romanesque chapels, built with stone from the nearby quarries. There is a lot of history to explore in this area of Mont Ventoux. This itinerary is highly recommended in the springtime, when the cherry trees are in blossom. Autumn is also very beautiful for the vineyards turn flaming red and gold in the fall.

From the Plains to the Piedmont

This ride starts from the village of Caromb and takes you along peaceful country roads through a wide variety of landscapes. Between the Comtat Venaissin plain and Mont Ventoux, man has long fashioned the landscapes here, working with the fertile land and turning it into exceptional production areas. Here you ride through AOC Ventoux vineyards, olive groves, cherry orchards and fig orchards. You ride from Caromb to Modène, from Bédoin to Saint-Pierre-de-Vassols, through Crillon-le-Brave and Mazan. Explore these villages which are full of character. Take your time, stop and enjoy.

Gateway to Mont Ventoux

This circuit gets close to the Giant of Provence, as Mont Ventoux is known, and is accessible to all. This circuit shows all the facets of Provence. Cycle through the heart of the foothills of Mont Ventoux, amidst vineyards, orchards, ochre cliffs and traditional Provencal farms.

The terrasses of the Ventoux

This cycling trip is the very best way to really discover the terroir of the Terrasses du Ventoux growing area, which produces the high-quality "Muscat du Ventoux" grapes and the delicate "figue de Caromb" black figs. There are no major difficulties along this ride – this Terrasses du Ventoux circuit offers all the pleasure of an unforgettable beautiful country ride. Oak woods, vineyards and orchards, different in every season, accompany riders as they explore this area of Mont Ventoux.