The Albion Highlands

A gorgeous patchwork of fields of blue lavender and golden wheat, the “Plateau d'Albion”, or Albion Highlands, stretch from the Luberon hills to the very confines of Vaucluse county, marked by Mont Ventoux, the Baronnies range, and Lure Mountain. This cycling trip starts from Sault and covers the wide-open spaces on the Albion highlands, where time seems to have stood still. The breathtaking landscapes instill sensations of isolation, beauty, and total freedom. Cycle through the immensity of these limestone highlands. The water which permeates the limestone makes its way to the Fontaine-de-Vaucluse and creates many caves along its way. This area is a favourite playground for experienced spelunkers.

The Nesque river Canyons (Gorges de la Nesque)

Be careful at all times, the road is narrow but the view magnificent! This itnerary which follows the tourist road of the Gorges de la Nesque remains the most "sporting" road proposed. 22km of progressive climb in the heart of a remarkable landscape. The Gorges de la Nesque are a beautiful hydro-geological breakdown from which rocks seem to have been drawn up. An abyss follows the road, marked out by tunnels and belvederes, like Castelleras in front of the majestic "Rocher du Cire". Take time to look at one of the most unspoilt sites of Provence. At this view-point, there is a slab dedicated to the Povencal author and poet Frederic Mistral. At your arrival in Monieux, you will discover the Val de Sault and its lavender fragrances when the summer comes. The prominent surroundings give this country a protected feeling. On the way back, you will cross the "Forêt du Javon" and at Methamis you will join "Terrasses du Ventoux" country.